CIRCULÉIRE Innovation Fund success will see Farrell ‘Do More With Less’


Farrell is proud to be announced as one of the successful applicants of the 2022 CIRCULÉIRE Innovation Fund. The funding will aid the company’s ‘Do More With Less’ strategic plan, with the aim of demonstrating circular economy in practice.

“This exciting project will enable us to extend the useful life of furniture and hopefully inspire others in the industry, academia and the public sector to rethink how we look at furniture” – Paul Farrell, Joint-CEO, Farrell.

CIRCULÉIRE’s Innovation Fund is a key catalyst as part of the National Platform for Circular Manufacturing’s range of activities supporting Irish industry to deliver significant reductions in CO2 emissions and waste through sourcing, testing, financing, and scaling, circular manufacturing systems, supply chains, and circular business models between 2020-2022.